1. What is InferAlpha?

A: InferAlpha is essentially a library service, where you can borrow books for your children depending on their age and reading habits. This would be nice way to inculcate the reading habit in your children. You can borrow a certain number of books based on your subscription plan. The books will be replenished every three months or when your child finishes reading his/her set of books. You can choose which books you would like from the collection of books that we carry.

2. What are InferAlpha's Terms & Conditions?

A: Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page at the bottom of's home page

3. Where is the service currently available?

A: The service is currently available only in Bangalore. It will soon be expanded to other cities.

4. How does the service work?

A: If you would like to avail the service at Bangalore register at our website or give us a call at +91 9620034565. We will come to your doorstep and get to know about your subscription preferences, and enroll you to our service. After the initial subscription and registration details, we will deliver the first set of books to you, and continue to replenish until the subscription is cancelled.


Library Service:

5. How many books can I have at my home?

A: You can have as many books as your subscription plan entails. Please refer to the Prices and Plans page for further details.

6. How do the books get delivered?

A: Our designated sales person will deliver and replenish the books in person.

7. What happens if InferAlpha's books are lost or damaged?

A: Please strive to keep the books in good condition. In the event of any damage please inform us at [email protected] Please understand that the cost of replacing a lost book or repairing damages will be charged to you and the payment for the same collected before you receive your next shipment of books. The amount charged may vary based on the damage assessment made by the InferAlpha personnel, it could vary from 1% to 100% of the current retail value of the book. The assessment made by the designated InferAlpha would be final.

8. Can I change the address for delivery?

: You can change the address for delivery. You have to inform the customer care atleast a week before the book delivery.

9. Can I choose the books being delivered to me?

A: You can choose which books are delivered to you from the list of books available with us or choose to have a pre-determined set of books (selected by our experts based on your child's reading habit) delivered to you every three months.

10. What if my kid finishes reading the books before the next cycle of replenishment?

A: The books are changed based on a fixed cycle. If you would like frequent change of books, please get in touch with us to get a tailor made plan to suit your needs. This might have different subscription charges.



11. When do I get my next set of books?

A: We try our best to deliver books during weekends when you are available at home.

12. What if I am not home at the time of delivery of books?

A: Before the books are dispatched, the delivery person will give you a call to confirm the time of delivery. Please ensure that someone is present at the delivery address during the day. In case, this is not the case or you are travelling then kindly inform customer care. Every delivery and pick up costs us money (not to mention fuel and the environmental aspects). So unless we have prior information, a failed delivery due to non presence of occupants is counted as a delivery. You would have to wait till the next cycle for books.

13. Do I return all books at the same time?

A: Yes All books need to be returned at the same time. If you wish to keep the previous books with you or retain part of the books, inform the customer care before dispatch of books. At any point of time, the number of books present with you, depends on your plan and does not exceed the limit prescribed.

14. Can I ask for books replenishment but keep books of previous cycle?

A: No. The books are borrowed based on your plan. A new delivery will imply pickup of previous set of books. However based on your plan, you can partially return certain books and get a new set of books. But the total number of books available with you at any time depends on your plan.


Payment & Plans

15. How do I pay for InferAlpha subscription?

A: Currently we accept cash, cheques and Bank transfer. We are in the process of putting up an online payment system.

16. Are there any hidden charges when I make purchase of books?

A: All Service charges and service tax are included in the charges for subscription

17. How do I give referrals to my friends to

A: You can refer your friends to InferAlpha and avail upto a maximum of Rs 500 discount, in the form of store credit. This will be adjusted in your next subscription payment. When your friend calls InferAlpha, please ask him/her to mention your membership ID. The discounts (in the form of store credits) are subject to subscription by the referred customer i.e., If your friend takes library membership you can avail the discounts.